THE RELATIONSHIP: Factory Authorized Used Equipment Sales

In 2010, Express Blower, Inc. officially partnered with CAS to assist in the sale of used Express Blower® machines. While customers still speak directly with the Express Blower, Inc. sales team on the sale of both its new and used equipment, CAS is responsible for securing the used equipment inventory and refurbishing the machines to get them in sellable condition.

Purchase of a used Express Blower machine from CAS includes personalized operator safety training and is recognized by Express Blower, Inc. as having been conducted by a certified trainer. If a used Express Blower is bought from someone other than CAS, Express Blower, Inc. will require the purchase of operator safety training before technical service can be provided.


It should be noted that CAS also invoices and collects payment for used equipment sales. Any expressed or implied warranty is solely the responsibility of CAS.

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Conveyor Application Systems- CAS® is a Eugene, Oregon based manufacturer of slinger and reload equipment for the construction, mining, landscape, erosion control and underground utility industries.

To see the wide range of CAS® Slinger applications, please visit https://slingers.com/.  All Slingers are made in the U.S.A. and incorporate a variety of proprietary and patented technologies. CAS® On-Road and Off-Road Slingers come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the demands of today’s contractor and the special requirements of each jobsite. CAS® slingers do the work, so you don’t have to!

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Express Blower, Inc. is the world’s premier manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic blowing equipment. Invented more than 60 years ago and refined through practical experience and innovation, Express Blower owners provide material delivery and installation to the erosion control, green roof, construction, and landscape industries.  It is the only blower equipment designed to efficiently apply soil blends, mulches, compost, and aggregate – saving customers time, labor and increasing profit potential. Express Blower, Inc. has locations in both Eugene, Oregon and Cincinnati, Ohio.

  See www.expressblower.com for more information.