1997 Express Blower EB-90



  • 1997 Model EB-90 Semi Trailer
  • 2013 Peterbilt 348 Tractor
  • Water System
  • Twin Cutter Agitators
  • Toolbox



Blower Trailer Details

EB Year: 1997

Make: Express Blower

Model: EB-90

Serial Number: EB9735

Trailer Make: Western Trailer

Trailer Year: 1998

Trailer VIN: 1C912P252W0112270

Additional Features:  The EB-90 trailer was built with volume in mind!  Playgrounds, expansive erosion control projects, large mulching jobs…this truck was made with the capacity to handle them.



Tractor Specs

Make: Peterbilt

Model: 348

Year: 2013

VIN: 1XPVDP9X7DD184708

Mileage: Approx. 713,620 miles





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Serial Number: EB9735U-2
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  • Semi Trailer for Volume!
  • Price includes 2013 Peterbilt 348 Tractor

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