2000 Express Blower EB-60



  • Customer Consignment – unit is located on the East Coast
  • Mounted to 2000 Freightliner FL-112
  • Loaded with LOTS of new components!


Blower Truck Details

Year: 2000

Make: Express Blower

Model: EB-60

Serial Number: EB2104U-4


Additional Features: Supplemental Injection System for Terraseeding®, On Board Water System, Lincoln Lube System….NEW: back door, PTO pumps, computer & box, floor & subfloor, tires, cab interior including seats, toolbox, tarp, hoses, hose reel, grill, LED lights, mirrors, and did we say a nice new shiny grill?! Customer has taken the time to get this machine ready to sell! Wants to sell it, so he can buy new to add to his EB fleet.




Make: Freightliner

Model: FL112

Year: 2000


Transmission: Eaton 10-Speed

Mileage: 151,484


*CONSIGNMENTS: Information is supplied by consignor. Mileage and/or hours are at time of consignment. No warranty applies and sale is As-Is. CAS makes no guarantee, express or implied, and disclaims all implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantability and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Customer identifying graphics may have been digitally removed or altered. No other photo modifications have been made.

Serial Number: EB2104U-4
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  • Customer Consignment
  • Loaded
  • Ready to sell & go to work

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