2002 Express Blower EB-40




  • Customer Consignment – unit is located in the upper Midwest
  • Mounted to 2002 Freightliner FL80
  • Side loading doors for easier product loading


Blower Truck/Trailer Details

Year: 2002

Make: Express Blower

Model: EB-40

Serial Number: EB2179U-5


Additional Features: Supplemental Injection System for Terraseeding®, On Board Water System, Horizontal Load Leveler, 5-Foot Toolbox.



Make: Freightliner

Model: FL80

Year: 2002


GVW: 54,000

Mileage: 192,000 odometer miles


*CONSIGNMENTS: Information is supplied by consignor. Mileage and/or hours are at time of consignment. No warranty applies and sale is As-Is. CAS makes no guarantee, express or implied, and disclaims all implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantability and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Customer identifying graphics may have been digitally removed or altered. No other photo modifications have been made.

Serial Number: EB2179U-5


  • Customer Consignment
  • Located in Upper Midwest
  • Side Loading Doors